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Elevated Impact Expert Team

Patrick Njapa

Founder & CEO

Patrick helps you create the life and career you desire. With over 15 years of experience as a Human Resources Executive in Africa and North America, Patrick has built throughout the year a solid experience and expertise that can really help you move ahead faster. Patrick’s journey, much like ours, has been marked by failures, doubts, and unfulfilled potential. But he didn’t let these setbacks define him; instead, he harnessed them as catalysts for his evolution. Through his expertise in mindset cultivation, time management, and personal mastery, Patrick empowers individuals to chart their own courses with purpose and clarity. He is proud of his Christian identity and applies biblical principles in his teachings and mentorships.

Jennia Rakotondrainy

Program Director

Jennia makes sure you have a great experience working with us. She is the brain behind the execution of our programs. She is a people person, always looking to serve.


Social Media Manager

Tojo helps spread our messages across channels and social media plateformes. He is very creative and always looking for ways to put forward useful content.

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